Mortgage Release Form

July 11, 2011

A mortgage release form helps in getting the mortgaged property released on account of payment of the assigned mortgage loan. The mortgage release form specifies the amount of penalty that the mortgagor has to pay in case the release being requested is earlier than the maturity date. The amount that has to be paid as final settlement of the mortgage with the principal and interest has to be mentioned in the mortgage release form.

Sample Mortgage release form


Name of the applicant                                                             _____________________

Name of second applicant in case mortgage is joint               _____________________

Letter from applicant requesting for release                           _____________________

Mortgage number                                                                    _____________________

Mortgage amount                                                                    _____________________

Date of registration of property                                              _____________________

Document registration number                                               _____________________

Registration with authority

(Mention authority name along with designation)                   ____________________

Reason for mortgage release                                                    _____________________

Original documents given by mortgage at the time of

Mortgage                                                                                 _____________________

Final amount to be paid for release of mortgage                    _____________________

(Including principle and interest)

Authorization letter from bank in case person

Taking the release of mortgage is power of attorney             _____________________

Clearance certificate from bank for payment

Of all earlier dues                                                                   ______________________

If release is for refinancing with another

Mortgage company                                                                 ______________________

Signature of applicant                                                             _____________________

(Company seal to be affixed in case of non-individual)

Attestation by bank official                                                   _____________________

Designation of attesting bank official

Along with official bank seal                                                _____________________


Download Mortgage Release Form in Word Format

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