Joining Report Form

July 12, 2011

A Joining report form is used to make detailed report of newly recruited employees. The HR department usually prepares this report and sometimes the employee himself can fill few sections of report form as well. It is a useful official document to keep record of new appointed employee.

Sample Joining Report Form



General Information


Company/Organization Title___________ Report Addressed to____________

Address___________ Phone__________ Email___________ Fax_________

Employee Name__________   Sex______ Age______

Marital Status_________

Address_____________ Phone_________ Email___________

Appointed for: Designation_______________ Department________

Joining Report Information


Report prepared by: Name__________ Designation________________


Date of Joining___/___/___ Appointment Letter Number________ Dated___/___/__

Signed By__________

Appointing Panel/Board____________

Time/Hours of reporting at workplace__________________

Salary and Benefits Description__________________

Last Job/Designation Held____________ Company/Organization______________

Have you submitted all your relevant documents_________________?

Have you joined the employee orientation programme____________?

Do you like to get company transportation/Conveyance facility ______________

Have you submitted the NOC of your past recruiter, to our company____________?

Physical fitness certificate_______________ Issued by: Hospital/Physician___________

Signature___________ Date of Submission___/___/___

Extra Remarks____________


Download Joining Report Form in Word Format

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