Salesman Expense Report Form

July 12, 2011

A Salesman expense report form is usually prepared by salesmen when they go for an official trip. In this report, they have to mention all the expense occurred during that trip as it helps them to get reimbursement from company. Salesman expense report form provides detail description of expenses made with respective dates.

Sample Salesman Expense Report Form



General Information


Employee Name____________ ID Number_____   Designation_________

Department_________ Work Phone___________

Address_____________ Home Phone Number___________Email___________

Expense Report Form

Date of Trip:  From___/___/___ To___/___/___

Purpose of Trip_______________

Trip Destination/s____________________

Trip Travel Mode_____________________

Staying/Lodging: Hotel/Inn_____________ Name_________ Address___________

List of daily expenses, date wise___________________



Daily Travel/Auto Rental Expenses______________

Toll Taxes____________

Communication Expenses: Phone/Internet/Fax_________________

Daily Food Expenses_______________

Official/Client Dinners______________

Entertainment Expense, if any_____________

Miscellaneous Expenses_______________________

Total daily Expense______________________

Total Expenses_____________________

Receipts of Expenses, date wise__________________



Signature_____________ Date of Submission____/___/___


Report Acceptance Information


Report Approved by_________ Designation____________ Department___________

Status of Report__________

Mode of Payment: Cash/Cheque___________

Bank Account Number___________

Payment Made__________ Payment Due, if any__________

Signature____________ Date___/___/___


Download Salesman Expense Report Form in Word Format

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