Vehicle Inspection Report Form

July 13, 2011

A Vehicle inspection report form is a document that is usually prepared by government departments or other organizations to make an assessment of their vehicle fleet. The report form is aimed to provide a summary on vehicle condition their performance and to make recommendations for any addition or changes in vehicles.

Sample Vehicle Inspection Report Form



General Information


Organization/Department Title________________

Chief of Department/Organization________________

Address____________  Phone_____________ Email____________ Fax________

Report Prepared by___________ Designation___________ Phone________


Vehicle Inspection report Information


Report Duration: From___/___/__ To___/___/___

Report Nature: Yearly/half Yearly/Monthly_______________

Report Addressed to_________________

Total Number of Vehicles_____________

Details of various types of vehicles: Two Wheeler_________  Four Wheeler________

Big Trucks/Van/Buses_______________

Vehicle Model______________  Year__________

Total Number of Drivers_______________

Vehicle Assigned/Allotted to Name of Officials _________________

Brief Description of vehicle conditions_________________________



Any damage/Loss in vehicles___________________

Mention the reasons and nature of accidents__________________

Vehicle insurance cover details_____________________________

Report of expert automobile engineer or mechanic______________

Certificate from Engineer___________________

Frequency of vehicle maintenance: Weekly/Fortnight/Monthly_______________

Signature___________  Date of Submission___/___/___


Download Vehicle Inspection Report Form in Word Format

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