Reservation Form Format

July 13, 2011

A reservation form format lays down the details which should be included in a reservation form. Irrespective of the nature of reservation, certain important details are ubiquitous and they are common to most reservation forms. The reservation from format must be framed carefully.

Sample Reservation Form Format

Name and address

The name and address of the individual filling up the form must be clearly mentioned. The information must be accurate.

Mode of payment and Amount paid

These important slots must also be filled up. If credit card is used, the number and other details of the card must also be given.

Dates of reservation

Whether it is a ticket or a hotel booking, the dates of the reservation must be clearly specified.

Other details

Other crucial and determining details like sex, age, physical disability if any in the case of air or rail tickets must also be provided.


The signature of the individual must be provided clearly.


Download Reservation Form Format in Word Format

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