Room reservation Form

July 13, 2011

A Room reservation form is aimed to book a hotel room, conference or meeting room or room for any other purpose. The form requires personal details and the purpose of booking with date, time etc.  The fields and required information could vary according to the rules of facilitator. This form works as a base for your booking in that place and prevents any kind of inconvenience. Below shown is a sample of room reservation form.

Sample Room reservation Form



Personal Information






Mailing Address*_________________


Phone Number*____________________


Reservation Details


Number of rooms required* (Select) _________

Type of Room* Executive__________ Deluxe_______

Family________ Single_______Standard_________

Mention the purpose of room booking*_____________

Conference/Business Meeting/Seminar/Holidays___________________

Banquet/Dinner Hall___________________________________

Number of Guests/Attendees*__________

Date of Arrival* DD/MM/YY_____________

Date of Departure*DD/MM/YY____________


Payment Details

Deposit Money*___________

Payment Mode*(Select) ___________

Credit Card Specifications________________

Date of payment*________________

Other Services/Packages required

Tours/Sightseeing/Car Rental* (Select) ________________



Packages (Select) ________________



Additional Notes___________________________________




Download Room reservation Form in Word Format



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