Tour Reservation Form

July 13, 2011

Tour reservation form is used for making bookings of a holiday tour in a hotel or lodge. The form requires details of the person who is making booking and further details of their stay.

Sample Tour Reservation Form



General Information


Name of Hotel______________

Name of Person_______________

Sex_________ Occupation_____________

Address__________ City____________ State___________ Zip__________

Phone Number____________ Email______________

Tour Reservation Form


Date of Check in___./___/___ Date of Check out___/___/___

Probable Time/Hours of Check in___________

Total Duration of tour_________________

Purpose of Tour: Holiday/ Educational/Other___________

Total Number of Guests______________

Adults and Children, specify separately____________

Total number of rooms you would require_______________

Type of rooms: Single______ Double________ Twin bed_______ Deluxe________

Do you need transportation facility for sightseeing_______________

Do you need taxi/cab service for airport/railway station___________

Would you like to hire our travel guide package facility_____________

Advance Payment ______________

Mode of Payment: Cash/ Credit Card_________

Credit Card Number, in case of card__________  Company________

Bank Account Number___________

Balance Amount ___________

Any special request_______________

Signature___________  Date of Form Submission___/____/____


Download Tour Reservation Form in Word Format

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