Voluntary Statement Form

July 14, 2011

A voluntary statement form is a document which acts as a proof of the voluntary statement made by an individual. The statement is registered under the law of the state in which the individual making the statement belongs.

Sample Voluntary Statement Form:


Details of the individual making the statement:

Name: First name ___________ Middle name __________ Surname _____________

Date of birth: __________

Gender: __________

Permanent   address: Street address ____________ City name ____________ State _____________ Zip code _____________

Current address:  Street address ____________ City name ____________ State _____________ Zip code _____________

Home contact number: _____________             Mobile number: _______________

Statement details:

Place of taking the statement: _____________

Date: _______________

Time of taking the statement:  ___________________

Statement: ___________________________________________



I, declare that the above statement given by me under the laws of ___________ is true and correct according to the best of my knowledge.  Any false information can lead to imprisonment.


Signature of the candidate

Dated: _______________


Download Voluntary Statement Form in Word Format

Sample Search Forms:

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