Education verification Form

July 20, 2011

Education verification is necessary when employer or any relevant agency needs to confirm an individual’s education background. The student or alumni fills in the form and the institution must approve and confirm that the details indicated are true. Below is a sample education verification form.

Sample Education Verification Form

Company ______________________

Contact Name ___________________

Telephone Number ________________

Fax Number ______________________

Required Information from Verification Party

Student Number _____________________________

Student Identification Number __________________

Student Date of Birth ___________________________

Surname ___________________________ First Name _____________________

Address __________________ City __________________ Zip ________________

Phone Number ________________________

Email Address _________________________

Program attended ________________________

Date of Commencement (Month, Date, Year) ___________________

Date of Completion (Month, Date, Year) _______________________

Student Graduated? Yes ______ No ______

Certification __________________________

College Authorization

Information provided above is correct and accurate as per our records. Yes _____ No ___

If No explain____________________________________________________


Name __________________ Sign ________________ Phone Number _______________

Date ________________


Download Education verification Form in Word Format



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