Executor of Will Form

July 21, 2011

Executor of will form is a legal document which is used to choose one or two persons who can execute the provisions of an individual’s will after his/her death.  The form requires details of the person who has been nominated as executor along with the authorizing declaration of individual.

Sample Executor of Will Form



General Information


First Name of Person_____________ Last Name____________

Sex______ Age_______ Occupation____________

Address___________ City___________ State_________ Zip________

Work Phone___________ Home Phone_____________ Email__________

Executor Will Information

First Name of Executor______________ Last Name________

Sex_______ Age______ Occupation___________

Address____________ City/State____________ Zip____________

Work Phone_________ Home Phone_____________ Email__________

Details of Property, Assets and other Securities__________________________

Name and contact details of legal heirs__________________________________

Provisions regarding ownership and distribution of property and assets_____________________________

Does the executor posses any blood relation or any close relation with the individual _________________________

Physical Fitness certificate of executor by a registered doctor___________________


I hereby declare the *_________* as the executor of my will after my death.

Signature__________ Date___/___/___

Signature of Executor__________ Date___/___/___


Download Executor of Will Form in Word Format

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