Personal Will Form

July 21, 2011

Personal will form is a legal document of an individual that describe the wishes and desires of the individual regarding distribution and management of his property and further provisions about family responsibilities after his death or in case of medical disability.

Sample Personal Will Form



General Information


First Name of Person____________ Last Name____________

Sex______ Age___/____/___


Complete Mailing Address_______________ Phone _________ Email________

Physical and Mental Fitness certificate of registered doctor____________


Personal Will Information


Date of Will Creation____/___/____

Advocate/Legal Consultant Name____________ Address__________ Phone_____ Email________

Description of Property, Assets, Bank Deposit, Other Sources of Income__________________

Name and Contact Detail of Heirs: 1.___________________



Provisions of Property Distribution among above heirs___________________

Provisions regarding minor children, their custody and guardianship_________________

Name and Age of Children____________________

Will Executor Name__________ Contact Details_______________

Witness/s Name and Contact Details________________________



I hereby acknowledge that I have made above provision in a sound mental position without any pressure.

Signature_____________ Date___/___/____

Signature of Advocate_____________ Date___/___/___


Download Personal Will Form in Word Format

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